ElderSource Institute Board of Directors

  • Don Roberts –President
  • Stu Gaines –Vice President
  • Clay Meux, Esq. –Treasurer

  • Veronica Catoe
  • Janice Donaldson
  • Shawn Mollitt
  • Dr. Kenneth A. Tannenbaum

ElderSource Institute Staff

Linda J. Levin, M.S.G

Linda Levin is the Executive Director of the Area Agency on Aging for Northeast Florida and ElderSource Institute. Linda has extensive experience working with elders in both urban and rural areas and in multi-cultural, multi-ethnic communities. Linda serves on several community task forces and coalitions such as United Way of Northeast Florida’s Life: Act 2 senior initiative, One Voice for Volusia Community Agenda, Human Services Council, and Blueprint   for Prosperity Quality of Life Strategic Alliance. She also serves on the Board of the Southeastern Association of Area Agencies on Aging, is Vice President of the Florida Association of Area Agencies on Aging and has spoken before local, state and national bodies.

Heidi Katz
Vice President of Business Innovation and Development

Heidi Katz is the Director of Business Innovation and Development for ElderSource Institute, the educational and training arm of ElderSource, the Area Agency on Aging and Aging and Disability Resource Center of Northeast Florida. Heidi’s career background is in corporate healthcare business development. With a passion for the senior community, Heidi moved to the nonprofit world following the ElderSource Institute mission to create opportunities for people to age and live with independence and dignity.

Jacklyn Overby
Special Projects Coordinator

Jacklyn Overby is the Special Projects Coordinator for ElderSource Institute. With a background in Social Work, Jacklyn has spent the past decade working in the non-profit community in areas of direct service, human rights advocacy and program development. Joining the team at ElderSource Institute, Jacklyn strives to support the senior community through researching and developing opportunities to enrich the lives of the aging population.