Age Sensitivity Training

The next in-person, community trainings are scheduled for

Wednesday, August 30th from 12- 1:30 pm  and Thursday, September 14th from 12- 1:30 pm at ElderSource.

The ElderSource Institute Age Sensitivity Training is an interactive training program for individuals who are interested in learning about the specific needs and challenges of older adults in the community. During this workshop, participants will experience sensory changes associated with aging through simulation. Age Sensitivity training will provide participants with valuable tools and information for working and interacting with older adults.

This is a two hour interactive training.

Age Sensitivity Training Outcomes:

  • Increased awareness of the sensory and mental changes in older adults
  • Able to identify various causes and characteristics of confusion in older adults
  • Understand and identify opportunities to create an elder friendly community
  • Tools to help older adults compensate for their physical losses

For Age Sensitivity training, the following disciplines can receive 2 CEUs:

Registered Nurses, Clinical Social Workers, Psychologists, Respiratory Therapists, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling, Nursing Home Administrators, Occupational Therapists, and Dietitians and Nutrition Boards.

Cost of CEU’s: $20.00 per person

For Questions or to schedule an Age Sensitivity Training:

Please contact: Heidi Katz, 904.391.6682 or Email:

Age sensitivity training at ElderSource Institute, a Jacksonville area agency on aging, is an interactive workshop teaching about challenges of older adults.