Virtual Workshops

In collaboration with Teepa Snow and Positive Approach to Care, ElderSource Institute is offering instant access to dementia care workshops. These virtual workshops introduce key concepts, demonstrate techniques, build skills and lay a strong foundation for caring for individuals with dementia. These virtual workshops are self-paced and accessed online.

  • Dementia Care Provisions

This 2.5 hour workshop teaches providers and practitioners how to reduce risk in professional settings and medical models of care when working with dementia. Learn non-pharmacological strategies, including care partnering techniques developed by Teepa Snow, that reduce combative behaviors, falls, accidents, and staff injuries.   Cost $30

  • Positive Approach to Care (PAC): Skills Make a Difference

This 1 hour workshop focuses on care partnering techniques and skills that create positive outcomes for both the care partner and the person living with dementia. Watch Teepa demonstrate Positive Physical Approach™ and Hand-under-Hand™. Learn to use these techniques to help with activities of daily living. This content will help you change your approach, improving your relationship with the person living with dementia.   Cost $30